the purpose

Why Are You Training?

Are you training for a specific event? Would you like to become more competitive in your sport? Or would you simply like to improve your health and fitness.

Many seeking a coach would like to increase overall fitness and technique. Synergy Fitness Training utilizes periodization training to attain optimum results within available time constraints. Everyone has a different goal; custom training programs and focused attention are here to help you reach yours.

Syn-Fit Swim Training

the method

How Does It Work?

We will work together through regular contact to design a training program that accommodates your schedule and lifestyle. Our programs are tailored to your specific needs. We will help you improve your fitness no matter what your current abilities are.

We all experience the difficulties of striving to achieve our goals and dreams while trying to lead a balanced life of work, family, and play. Through communication, team work, and dedication, we can all achieve our aspirations.

Syn-Fit Cycling Training

the first step

Want to Get Started?

Are you interested in taking the first step toward reaching your goals?

If you would like to receive a complimentary consultation to see if you are ready for a personal coach, please contact us today!

Syn-Fit Running Training

Featured Testimonial
In 2001 I was an average category 2 bike racer. I was able to finish most 1,2 races with the pack, but rarely was I able to be active or attack. It was all I could do to hang on to the wheel in front of me. I was pack fodder. Adam began training me. He sat down with me and we determined my goals for the following season, which included races such as Espoir and Elite Nationals. Over the winter I followed monthly training plans that Adam was able to write around my constantly changing work schedule. I was able to email and call him regularly, which allowed him to adjust my training if I was tired, or missed a workout. This season has been the best ever! I exceeded the goals I set over the winter. Regionally, I’ve gone from just another number in the pack, to a marked man. I’ve been competitive in the National level races I’ve done. This transformation has happened for several reasons. One, the type of training Adam had me do is physiologically sound. Second, I started training for specific goals back in November. Adam structured months of training around specific dates. Third, Adam is a great motivator. There were times over the winter where motivation lagged, and Adam was there to keep me excited about racing, and remind me of my goals. Adam enjoys watching his athletes succeed!
Mike Voigt (2001 VA State Champion, 2002 Top 10 Elite National Road Race, 2003 Elite National Road Race Champion)